GDA Software Tools and Tips

bracket-aware parser Japanse parser accepting partially bracketed inputs. (New!)
wrapper.tgz Converts the Kyoto-corpus and Penn-TreeBank format to the GDA format.
GDA_Val.tgz GDA Validating parser.
checker020724.tar.gz Checks well-formedness of XML.
XML-validation.txt How to check XML syntax according to a DTD (in Japanese).
xmlind.exe Indents XML files. To run xmlind on Windows, please download Cygwin1.dll and xmlind.exe into C:\Windows\ or C:\WINNT\. Then xmlind < FILE will output an indented content of FILE.
xmlind.c Source code for xmlind.
rel2opr Converts the rel attribute to the opr attribute (UNIX shell script)
gdasdk-0.2.9.tar.gz GDA Software Development Kit for Java. It contains APIs for GDA applications (requires J2SE 1.4 or later).
Meadow Emacs for Windows.
Cygwin1.dll Dynamic Link Library for Cygwin
gzip.exe Gnu ZIP for Windows. Put this into C:\Windows\ or C:\WINNT\. Then gzip FILE will compress FILE to FILE.gz. gzip -d FILE.gz will uncompress FILE.gz to FILE.
tar.exe Tape ARchiver for Windows. Put this into C:\Windows\ or C:\WINNT\. Then tar czf TARFILE.tgz F1 F2 ... will pack F1, F2, ... to TARFILE.tgz. tar xzf TARFILE.tgz will unpack TARFILE.tgz to F1, F2, ... . (tar czf and tar xzf require gzip.exe.)
unzip.exe Unpacks *.zip files
unzip.txt Manual of unzip
Contact: HASIDA Kôiti